body image is complicated and nauseating and the only place it seems to make sense to me anymore is in front of the lens of a decrepit photobooth in the basement of a closed mall
an outtake self portrait from my last roll of tri-x
always getting undressed in my kitchen
a quick digital ‘sketch’ using scanned negatives of the series i’m beginning to print in the darkroom this coming week about dream-states and male fantasy
it’s going to take a small miracle and some very precisely cut mat board to be able to successfully print two negatives on the same sheet of paper with correct exposure and no overlap, but ya girl is ready for the challenge.
it feels good to be back in the darkroom again, here’s a quick scan of a contact sheet i printed today for my first darkroom II assignment on the topic of dreams and fantasy (plus two family photos lol ignore those)
i’m thinking of printing the images of leaves and foliage as borders around my self portraits if i can work some darkroom magic just to incorporate the organic nature of fantasy into the series, but this is just the beginnings of the project so we’ll see where it ends up.
i’ve currently got three rolls of vista in the film drying cabinet so new color work is coming very soon i promise :) 
dealing with my breakup the only way i know how: the shitty photobooth in the basement of my local mall
i have a lot of film to drop off, new work coming soon
Could you suggest me some good music please? I know you have great taste and I'm just downloading new music to refresh my library.

mount eerie

angel olsen

told slant


frankie cosmos


idk a lot more stuff that’s just what i’ve been bumpin’ lately

Hi! I was wondering what your ethnicity is, not that it matters or anything, I'm just very curious, you are such an exotic beauty. Have a nice night ☺️

i’m half pakistani and half american by way of germany