sorting through tour film is daunting, and pretty much all i’ve been doing this week. i’m excited to be able to tell a real story from start to end and to make something you can actually hold in your hand and flip through (plans right now are to publish my final series as a photo book through some exciting avenues i won’t jinx by mentioning here)
my only dilemma is i also want to be able to share the work i’m making with you guys as it’s done, so you aren’t just waiting on the book. perhaps a compromise? you guys tell me!
anyway here’s a photo of phil sitting on the van
Hey love, first off let me start by saying your photography has made me want to pursue photography. Amazing art and super great depictions of character. My question is: What do you use to take self portraits?

wowza thank you!! generally a mirror and a camera or a tripod and a cable release (in this instance i have a stand-in to get the focus and composition correct before i actually sit down in front of the camera)

as many of you know i spent a good chunk of july on tour across the east and midwest with my friends in makeshift shelters. 
all in all i blew through 13+ rolls of film on our little excursion and needless to say getting them all back was a bit overwhelming. taking into account the fact that i’m also facing some personal health issues right now it’s probably going to be a while before i’ve edited and synthesized the series for you guys to see (i’m actually trying to publish it irl!). but please bear with me, as i really do want to share it with all of you <3
for now here’s a teaser portrait of sam from our first day on the road in bethlehem, pa
You were definitely at the show I was also at last night. I seemed to have failed to say hello. Hi

probably! i’m currently on tour taking photos for the band makeshift shelters, if any of you live along the tour route come say hi!